Envato auto setup

Envato is a trademark of Envato.com , We are are not assocaited with this brand or managment in anyway.

Free One click Installs , Provisions, Installs depencies (Php etc ) and does all the cool Stuff Like SSL , SHH for Testing, Staging or Live Installations for Your purchase in Your Digital Ocean, AWS or Vultr VPS.

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  • One Click Envato Installation

    One Click to Provision A New VPS, Install Dependencies, Install your Purchase, do all the cool stuff and get you live in 10 minutes

  • Automated Envato Staging

    Need A staging site? Like a Testing Site? No problem. Provision a staging site on any of your Vps without a Hassle. Single click

  • Zero Downtime Updates

    Author Updated His Code? Install and Test the Update, then Push to your Site when satisfied, all With Zero Downtime.

  • Free Author Workflow

    Are You an Author? Push Update to Repo and Allow your customers autoupdate their sites with a single Click. How cool?

  • Automatic Licence Monitoring.

    Did Buyer Take a refund? No problem , all Installations and copies will be automatically Removed and Cleared.

  • Fullfill Your Envato Support Obligations.

    Speak To your Customers, Respond To tickets, Resolve Software Issues, Resolve Public and Private Tickets and Now with Live Chat

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Platform Features

This Service is STRICTLY for Envato Users With At Least One Purchase. Otherwise what are you here to install?

Free Envato Purchase Installation

Ever purchased a codecanyon script , and spent Countless Hours digging through the installation guide? No More!

Free Staging and Updates

One click Zero downtime updates when author Updates. Test and see how it looks on your site before pushing to live site.

Purchased Support at Envato?

Great. Free Author Support Dashboard and Live Chat with licence vailidity verification. Easily Share/Revoke Logs and VPS access

Free Author Builder Tools

Create a Build, an install or an update Sequence using our easy UI. Test the sequences easily before publishing. 24/7 Author Support

Easy Author Versioning

Easily Craft a product version from any of your last code commits . Upload to Envato for approval and Your Buyers gain Auto access

Multiple Site Per VPS

Unlimmited sites (live , staging, testing ), Free ssl, unlimited Subdomains on your own Cloud VPS. VPS is created Directly in your Providers Account

What they said

If you enjoy this service, Please send us an email at testimonials@envatic.com

“All this Free? Ok first I didnot believe, But Now All I can say is thank You. Envato should Hire your team, You know what authors need.” — Stephen Isaac
Envato Author
“Had problems with creating an update sequence, Support came through fast. Sequence is Tested and working, Please Give a means of donation, would be sad to have this service close” — Mr Dashman
Envato Author, CEO Dashsystems In.
“Why I not use direct with my own vps, why this digital ocean, I dont want to pay in Digital ocean or the Amazon. I please add direct install to my VPS, Thank you.” — Frank Nkweku
Lagos Devops Ltd

Why Envatic.

Free Forever. We designed envatic to help us provide support for our products at the markeplaces , and decided to share this tool for free with fellow envato authors and customers.

Envato is the only marketplce with an advanced api enough to manage such a complex mix of items. If other contenders comeby, we shall be Glad to add them

Its Free for one Site, Always free, Forever

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